How we doubled the conversion rate for an eCommerce company

Over the three and a half years we’ve been working with Browser to Buyer, we’ve seen our conversion rate change dramatically. We’d say it’s easily doubled in that time.

What Browser to Buyer introduced was a whole series of data points to us that maybe we hadn’t considered before, to really understand how our customers were behaving on the website. It was amazing how our original idea of how customers behave actually wasn’t as true to reality, as they were able to demonstrate to us.

We’ve been so confident about the return on investment that we get from working with Browser to Buyer that we have now doubled the workload for them, and increased the amount that we use them, and the amount of tests that we deliver over a 12 month period.

If someone asked me what the best reason working with Browser to Buyer was, I guess it’s about them being an extension to our own team. Having these guys come in and now really understand and appreciate what we do, we can sit, chat and come up with incredible ideas to move our business forward. It really feels that we work together and have built a great partnership over the years.

The team are on hand almost 24/7 whenever we need them, and I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, but sometimes things go wrong, but the speed in which they deal with that, rectify it and then improve it, it is amazing and definitely one of those reasons that Browser to Buyer retain our business, year on year so far.

Working with Dave and the team at Browser to Buyer, it goes beyond just the site. So we’ve acquired over the years and just being able to give them a call and chat through with them about our prospective acquisition has generated some great ideas and in actual fact has pushed us away from acquiring certain businesses because of their insight and ideas and thoughts about that business. So when we’ve actually acquired companies, we’ve improved the speed in which we’ve integrated and got those businesses up to speed and it’s been exciting to work with Browser to Buyer as we’ve gone on our journey through those acquisitions and other benefits to our business.

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increase in bookings

“We run an average of about two tests a month and 9 in 10 of them do prove to be winners.”


SaaS business

“Together we’ve launched over 30 tests which has really helped lift the performance of many of our sites.”


conversion rate

“We’ve been so confident about the return on investment that we have now doubled the workload for them.”

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